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Management Policies and Compliance

Responsible Precious Metals Management Policy

Management Policies and Compliance

Majestic Corporation aims to operate its business by responding to requests from customers and broader community faithfully, fulfilling its responsibilities as a sensible business group based on the Majestic’s Compliance. This represents the management philosophy and code of conduct of Majestic’s Group of Companies.

We established a management system in compliance within the guidance of the LBMA*1, LPPM*2 for responsible supply chain management to fulfill our environmental responsibilities and sustainability requirement in the non ferrous and precious metals supply chain, we will promote responsible waste metals management within the overarching the policy statements set out below.

1. Establishment of management system
We will set up an organization and appoint officers for the promotion of responsible precious metals management and will establish a satisfactory management system.

2. Identification and assessment of risk
We will recognize the procurement of materials from high-risk areas including conflict zones where human rights violations is a major risk. We will not engage any activities that may lead to money laundering, fraudulent transactions and financing terrorists. We will conduct due diligence, identify and assess risks in the precious metals supply chain.

3. Monitoring of transactions and maintaining of records
We will periodically carry out monitoring to ensure that responsible precious metals management is executed in an appropriate manner. Also, all transaction records will be maintained appropriately.

4. Implementation of educational training
We will periodically provide necessary education and training to all employees engaged in responsible management of precious metals.

5. Implementation of third‐party audit
We will periodically perform auditing on responsible precious metals management by an independent outside third‐party organization.

*1 London Bullion Market Association
*2 London Platinum and Palladium Market

Established on April 1, 2021
Peter Lai
Executive Director
Majestic Corporation

Precious Metals Supply Chain Policy Statement

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